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Working Papers

  • "Financing Efficiency of Securities-Based Crowdfunding" (with David C. Brown). [Link] revise-and-resubmit at the Review of Financial Studies
  • "ETF Flows, Non-Fundamental Demand, and Return Predictability" (with David C. Brown and Matthew Ringgenberg). [Link]
  • "Speculation Sentiment" [Link]
  • "Investor Demand for Leverage: Evidence from Closed-End Funds and and the Launch of Levered Exchange-Traded Funds" (with Robert Dam and S. Katie Moon). [Link]
  • "On the Magnification of Small Biases in Decision-making" (with Edward D. Van Wesep and Brian Waters). [Link]
  • "Index Investing, Value-Weighted ETF Flows, and Non-Linear Price Impact: Implications for the Firm" (with David C. Brown and Matthew Ringgenberg). Early Draft Available Upon Request
  • “Individual Traders and the Allocation of Scarce Attention” [Link]
  • “Financial Advice and Discretion Limits” [Link]
  • "The Implementation of State Sponsored Retirement Plans" (with Bruce I. Carlin). [Link]

Work in Progress

  • "Home Bias in Equity Crowdfunding" (with David C. Brown and Mingfeng Lin).

Pure Curiosity

  • The effect of the Ashley Madison hack announcement on temporary housing values (with Edward D. Van Wesep) [Link]